Enjoy one month of free meditation with INSCAPE.

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Meditation is scientifically proven to help you feel less stress, get better sleep, and even improve memory.

Whether you're just learning to meditate or you've been practicing for years, our audio guided meditation sessions can help you relieve stress and anxiety.


Guided Meditation

A library full of meditation and relaxation sessions focused on boosting creativity, improving mindfulness, relieving stress and anxiety.

Smart Recommendations

Looking to reduce stress, sleep better, or boost confidence? We’ll suggest daily sessions for you - based on why, how, and when you use the app.

Playlists For Life’s Moments

Find situational-based sessions whether you’re dealing with Tinder Troubles, need to Overcome Your Fears, or Find Purpose with curated playlists, updated weekly.

Stay Motivated

Watch your progress come alive with streaks, mindfulness minutes, and the ability to share progress with friends.

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5-Star Ratings in the App Store

“This app has changed my life. I never thought I could be someone who meditates regularly, until I found Inscape.“


“Started to use this app before rushing off to work. It’s incredibly relaxing to meditate first thing in the morning to kick off your day. Truly changing the way I approach my commute and work situations!”


“Let me tell you, this app works! I’ve used Dream Journey, which guides you to more restful sleep. I’ve used it for the past 2 weeks and now I can fall asleep and stay asleep!”