The Studio.

Whether you're just learning to meditate or you've been practicing for years, our audio guided meditation sessions can help you relieve stress and anxiety.


45 W 21st St, New York, NY 10010


MON 10:45AM TO 8:15PM

TUE 7:15AM TO 8:15PM

WED 10:45AM TO 8:30PM

THU 7:15AM TO 8:15PM

FRI 8:15AM TO 8:00PM

SAT 11:15AM TO 7:30PM

SUN 11:15AM TO 7:30PM


Meditation Sessions in The Dome

Meditation sessions begin with setting an intention. Choose a session based on your intention, schedule, technique or even your mood. Each experience is appropriate for meditators of all levels.

Stepping into Inscape was amazing, I had never walked into a space like that. Walking out of the Dome and back into reality; my mind was clear, my shoulders were down and my anxiety was gone.
— Emily F


Relaxation Sessions in The Alcove

Relaxation sessions are experienced lying down and include a selection of traditional techniques including deep sound, deep breath and deep rest. True relaxation is happening when the “relaxation response” is stimulated. This is when your body feels safe and nurtured and sends signals to slow down your breathing and heart rate. It’s the opposite of the “flight or fight” response.