Sometimes life can feel hectic. All the things we have to deal with can keep us from being present in the moment and savoring the experience - like a cold Stella Artois after a long day. We partnered with Stella Artois to create a balanced, mindful, sensory experience to reimagine how you enjoy a beer with friends.

STELLASPACE is a unique guided experience narrated by the newly anointed savoring expert - and ever-charming actor - Luke Evans. From the first sip to the final toast, expect all of your senses to be intentionally engaged as you and your friends discover the intricacies of the sophisticated Belgian lager. Over the course of 20 minutes, the time it takes to truly savor a Stella Artois, you'll follow a thoughtful series of mindful and playful cues to explore Stella Artois like never before. 

What you'll need for STELLASPACE:

Gather the essentials: a cold Stella Artois, the iconic Stella Artois Chalice, a group of friends and some food or nibbles - and prepare to inhale... and exhale… on this journey into STELLASPACE. Then, tap the above button from your iOs device to download the app and experience the sensory guide.