Meditation for Anxiety

The INSCAPE app offers hours of guided meditations to help you reduce anxiety. Our anxiety meditations focus on breath work, visualization, and mindfulness techniques to help you calm anxiety and reduce stress. 


Feeling anxious? It's not just you.

Anxiety is more common than you may think -- in fact more Americans suffer from anxiety today than ever before. Many people are turning to meditation and mindfulness to help them deal with anxiety symptoms rather than taking anti-anxiety medications. 

Does meditation for anxiety really help people? 

Studies have proven that guided meditation helps people feel less anxious. In fact, 20 minutes of daily meditation is proven to reduce anxiety by 22%. The INSCAPE app offers hours of guided mediation and mindfulness sessions to help you calm anxiety and reduce stress. 

I’ve been looking for a simple meditation app and this is it!! I love it whenever I am stressed or have anxiety, puts me in a good vibe
— 5 Star App Store Review

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