Meditation for Stress

The INSCAPE app offers hours of guided meditations to help you reduce stress. Our guided meditations focus on breath work, visualization, and mindfulness techniques to help you calm down and relieve stress. 


We all want to feel less stress.

Did you know some people call stress the silent killer? Stress has been linked to serious physical and mental health conditions. It's not all doom and gloom though, meditation is proven to reduce stress. In fact, this past year the American Heart Association recommended meditation as a means of reducing stress hormones and lowering blood pressure. 

Does meditation for stress really help people? 

Studies have proven that guided meditation and mindfulness help people feel less stress. In fact, regular meditation reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Another added bonus? The same study showed that in addition to relieving stress, meditation increases the amount of serotonin your body produces -- leaving you a happier version of yourself.  The INSCAPE app offers hours of guided mediation and mindfulness sessions to help you calm down and reduce stress. 

Everyone deals with stress but to become aware of mind-body connection can make it melt away. Grateful for this app!!
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