8 Days to Happiness

The INSCAPE Happiness Program includes eight all-new sessions that cover key aspects that impact our wellbeing and contribute to our happiness. Throughout these sessions you'll learn about connecting with others, living your purpose, being in the present moment, expressing your creativity, and more.

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Happiness Program Sessions

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Happiness: Connection

This session is about connection. We all feel connection differently. Some of us like to feel connected to several people that are close to us, others like to feel connected on a global scale. Either way, the sense of being a part of others lives and allowing them to be part of ours improves our health, overall well-being and happiness.

Happiness: Purpose

This session is about purpose. Living your purpose in life increases the happiness you feel on a daily basis as well as over a long period of time. It doesn’t matter whether you feel like you have one purpose or several. Simply knowing in your heart that you are able to express who you are and why you are here is a genuine piece of your overall happiness.

Happiness: Presence

This session is about presence. Happiness actually lies in the present moment, and is our natural state, if we choose it or allow ourselves to feel it. The art is is learning to recognize happiness more often, and then our present moment awareness will naturally guide us there.

Happiness: Creativity

This session is about creativity. Knowing how to connect to and express your creativity is one way of connecting to your happiness. By stretching outside of our comfort zone for inspiration, we tap into fresh ideas which can lead to new experiences and in turn build our confidence as we learn to trust ourselves.

Happiness: Compassion

This session is about compassion. Sharing of emotions both positive and negative, through compassion with another person increases the connection between the two people. This connection increases happiness for everyone involved.

Happiness: Optimism

By giving the positive experiences in life your attention, you can develop your ability to be optimistic. This mindset allows you to solve difficult problems, tackle challenges and truly enjoy the good things in life with ease and grace.

Happiness: Resilience

Developing a resilient personality plays a large role in our well being and happiness. The good news is, resilience is a skill that can be learned.

Happiness: Gratitude

Taking time to intentionally recognize the gifts you have been given, responding by saying thank you, silently or out loud essentially trains you to create a gratitude habit. The more you practice gratitude, the more it becomes part of your natural state.