Guided Meditation

The INSCAPE app offers hours of guided meditations to help you reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and get better sleep. Build mindfulness into your daily routine through audio guided meditation. 


Why start meditating?

Doing anything for the first time can be intimidating, meditation included. That's why we offer guided meditations to help you get started. Studies show that just two weeks of meditating can increase memory capacity and reduce mind wandering. The INSCAPE guided meditation app can help you build meditating and mindfulness into your daily routine with meditations as short as 3-minutes and as long as 85-minutes. Studies have proven that guided meditation helps people feel less anxious.

Meditation and mindfulness for everyone. 

Once you get in the swing of things, the INSCAPE app offers personalized recommendations to help you make meditation a habit. Sticking with meditation can help to improve your health. In fact, 20 minutes of daily meditation is proven to reduce anxiety by 22%

I never thought I would meditate until I found inscape. It is usually very difficult for me to focus without distractions, but the guided meditation was great!
— 5 Star App Store Review


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