Experience INSCAPE


What to Expect


Inscape offers audio-guided Meditation sessions with a 3-types of custom-designed seating options for optimal comfort and preference. Cushions on the floor, bean bags for additional back support or on a bench for those who prefer not to sit cross-legged.

Most people will notice a feeling of calm and more clarity after one session, nearly everybody starts to feel additional benefits within 3-5 sessions. Some people feel bored or quite frustrated - a completely normal reaction. A common misconception is that you must clear your mind of thoughts. Meditation isn’t about being totally thought-free but rather getting to know your mind and being at ease with it.   It’s a practice that takes practice.


Relaxation sessions are offered in the Alcove - custom-designed mats, bolsters, pillows and blankets are provided for ultimate comfort. These audio-guided experiences use sound, breath and visualization to create a deep sense of  calm and rejuvenation. Most people feel relaxed and recharged, going into their day with more energy and sleeping better at night.

When to Arrive

Come early! Our sessions start on time and we don’t allow late entry. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes in advance of your first session. Come early, take a tour, settle into our community space and ease into your meditation experience.

What to Wear

Come as you are - no dress code required.  Just remove your shoes and store them in the lockers provided.


After Your Session

If you’re new to meditation, your first session may bring up emotions, a deep sense of calm, increased energy or boredom. Pay attention to how you feel after your session, throughout the rest of your day and over the next few days. People experience enhanced awareness, less reactiveness, and a feeling of calm.

Just one session of meditation can create a sense of calm and clarity, but the long term benefits of meditation come with regular practice. It is recommended to meditate three to five times to understand the practice and begin to experience the immediate and long-term benefits.

The underlying premise of meditation is that your state of mind influences your quality of life. Improving your relationship with your mind greatly improves all other aspects of your life and the best meditation is the one that helps you.