Wellness at Work

Effective Mindfulness Programs For Your Team


Mindfulness at work.

Instituting a mindfulness program, employers can save about $2,000 per employee in healthcare costs, and gain about $3,000 per employee in productivity.

Through the INSCAPE app, you can have a mindfulness program setup for your team within minutes.


Guided Meditation

A library full of meditation and relaxation sessions focused on boosting creativity, improving mindfulness, relieving stress and anxiety.

Smart Recommendations

Looking to reduce stress, sleep better, or boost confidence? We’ll suggest daily sessions for you - based on why, how, and when you use the app.

Playlists For Life’s Moments

Find situational-based sessions whether you’re dealing with Tinder Troubles, need to Overcome Your Fears, or Find Purpose with curated playlists, updated weekly.

Stay Motivated

Watch your progress come alive with streaks, mindfulness minutes, and the ability to share progress with friends.


Companies improving mindfulness at work with INSCAPE:

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