Introducing the New INSCAPE App

Two years ago, we launched the INSCAPE app to help people improve their mental health and overall wellbeing through contemporary guided meditation. Our community now spans six continents, over 120 countries, and countless stories of how people have overcome stress, anxiety, poor sleep, and other challenges that life has thrown their way. By listening to your feedback and experiences,, we are able to continuously improve our app - and hopefully your lives.

Today, we’re launching the new INSCAPE app, entirely rebuilt from the ground up. Inspired by hours of interviews with our community, internal prototyping, testing, and healthy debate, the newest version of INSCAPE is undoubtedly the best yet.

INSCAPE is designed to offer solutions to specific situations that you face daily. We can help you with your relationship. We can help you get the confidence to ask for that promotion.  By using INSCAPE, you develop mental tools to help you change the way you react to those situations. Life no longer “just happens” to you. And, if you change your mind, you can change your life.

Here’s what you can find in the new INSCAPE:

  • Fresh New Look

    • An all-new design will inspire as you explore your favorite and newly added meditation, relaxation and sleep sessions.

  • Smarter Recommendations

    • Looking to reduce stress, sleep better, or boost confidence? Choose a focus area and we’ll suggest daily sessions for you - based on why, how, and when you use the app.

  • Playlists for Life’s Moments

    • Find situational-based sessions whether you’re dealing with Tinder Troubles, need to Overcome Your Fears, or Find Purpose with curated playlists, updated weekly.

  • Stay Motivated

    • Watch your progress come alive with streaks, mindfulness minutes, and the ability to share progress with friends.

We’re thrilled to share the next iteration of INSCAPE with you. Let us know what you think and send us an email at, or leave a review in the app store.