How To Set-up Your Own Meditation Space

An optimal meditation space isn’t just zen-like, but it should also awaken your senses.

To enrich your meditation experience — and make it a staple in your daily routine — use these simple tips to create the ultimate meditation space of your own, even if you live in a shoebox apartment.

Go Blue

Surround yourself with cool shades of blue, which is known to promote tranquil vibes, clarity, and inner serenity. Blue has also been shown to slow heart rate and breathing, which are great for the meditative state.

If a paint job is too much of a commitment, you can decorate the room with blue drapes (in a heavy fabric if you have street noise), wall art, or dimmable colored LED lights.

Sound it Out

Set up a Bluetooth speaker to play chill music, binaural beats, or your favorite Inscape guided meditation. It’ll be an aural upgrade from your phone’s speakers and may feel freeing to release yourself from the headphones.

Get Cozy

If you have a meditation cushion, great, but it’s not necessary. You can get just as good support with floor pillows, soft blankets, yoga blocks, or no props at all. Go for whatever is most comfortable. Some people even prefer to meditate sitting in a chair.

Add Aromatics

Whip out some candles, diffusers, incense, or oil burners — anything that can help fill the room with the fragrance of lavender, citrus or jasmine. These scents have calming properties that reduce stress and boost confidence. A candle has the added benefit of providing a focal point for your eyes to rest on during meditation.

Clear the Clutter

Even if your eyes are closed while meditating, you can still sense stuff strewn about the room. Place any potential distractions out of sight, preferably inside a sleek storage solution, like wood cabinets. Tidy up any messy corners or random piles and keep it that way so that your meditation space will always be primed and ready to welcome you.