Top Tips for Mindfulness at The Office

Meditation During Work Hours is A Key to Daily Success

We’re all looking for a way to get ahead at the office, maximize our productivity, and remain calm to handle anything the work day may throw at us. Healthy mindfulness practices are the key to opening up your full potential.

While all of our top tips to battle anxiety certainly apply to any environment, the office presents specific opportunities to carve out your own meditation space.

We’re excited to help lead the charge on setting up mindfulness at work with the launch of our Wellness at Work Program. Establishing a wellness practice is something that can be done at virtually any location.

Here are the best ways to setup a personal mindfulness area for you in the office:

  1. Find a space with low noise. Crowded environments can make it hard to concentrate on your breathing and take in audio instruction. No matter how populated your office may be, there’s always that quiet spot to find to meditate.

  2. Seek natural lighting and avoid hard fluorescent lighting. Your lighting atmosphere can drastically affect your mood and productivity. Choose a space filled with natural light and avoid those harsh overhead lights that are prone to cause stress.

  3. Set a specific time in the day to practice. The routine office day can become quickly crowded with conference calls, new meetings, and other events. It’s important to carve out time each day to practice mindfulness. We suggest adding this to your calendar to maintain diligent participation.

We’ve created an easy way to get a mindfulness setup in minutes for your entire office! For more information and to sign up, visit our Wellness at Work Program.